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What Is an Estate Sale? (Hint: They’re Not Just for the Deceased)

When someone dies, that person’s belongings are left behind. It’s then up to the survivors to take care of that personal property, whether that means passing it along, getting rid of it, or selling it.

But estate sales aren’t just for those who are no longer with us. With the right merchandise, you can use an estate sale to downsize or clear out your house before moving.

So, when is an estate sale appropriate? We’ll break it do

Tax Identity Theft: How It Occurs and How to Protect Yourself

Last summer, a Pennsylvania college student received a letter in the mail from the IRS. Had she filed a tax return?

The answer was no, but to set the record straight she had to agree to a video call with an IIRS agent. Once that was done, she thought the drama was over, but it had just begun.

On March 15 of this year, the student received another IRS letter. Once again, another tax return had been filed in her name and a refund was on the way to the filer.

The student had to get in touch with

Road Trip vs. Flying: How to Pick What’s Best for You This Holiday Season

When it’s time to travel, what’s your preferred method? For some, there’s nothing like a good road trip. For others, flying the friendly skies is a better option.

With more than half of Americans planning to travel this holiday season, plenty of people are deliberating taking a road trip vs. flying. There are pros and cons to each, but if your goal is to save money, it’s important to look at pricing before you make a dec

How to Share AirTags With Family and Friends

Losing an item can be frustrating. Luckily, you can end those frantic searches for missing valuables by attaching an Apple AirTag to valuables, like luggage, purses, and TV remotes. With the latest version of macOS Sonoma and iOS17, you can share an AirTag with family and friends so that they can provide a little help when items go missing.

FYI: looking for an Android alternative to an AirTag? Try one of these Bluetooth trackers.

How to Share an AirTag With Family or Friends

AirTag sharing is

How to Add Widgets to Mac (And Remove Them)

Apple debuted widgets with the 2020 release of iOS 14. Mac users could find and customize them in the Notification Center. With the release of macOS Sonoma, Apple offered the opportunity to add widgets to the desktop, as well as create shortcuts to the widgets on your iPhone. If you're interested in learning how to add widgets to your Mac desktop, read on.

Tip: don't like the cluttered look on your desktop? Learn how to hide the icons on your Mac desktop.

How to Add Widgets from the Desktop


Navy Federal Credit Union Review for 2023

With 12 million members, Navy Federal Credit Union services U.S. military members, veterans, Department of Defense members, and their spouses. Navy Federal offers a full suite of services, including checking and savings accounts, certificates, money market accounts, credit cards, and loans.

But even if you qualify for an account, it’s not your only choice. It’s important to take a close look at the fees, interest rates, and overall bank experience to make sure it’s the best choice for your fina

Which Banks Offer Free Wire Transfers?

If you’re sending or receiving a large sum of money, paying electronically via wire services can be the fastest, safest way to send money.

But this type of money transfer does come with fees. They’ll vary depending on whether they’re incoming, outgoing, domestic, or international. If you think you’ll frequently send money this way, a bank that lets you avoid wire transfer fees can help you save money.

If you frequently send money via wire, consider opting for a bank that provides wire transfer

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